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How's business?

It's the million-dollar question...Do you have the answer?

Do you know...

  • How much you've billed so far this year? How about this quarter?

  • How much money your clients owe you?

  • How much you can expect to come in next month?

  • Which bills are past due?

TranslatorTracker can tell you all this with just a click.

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What is TranslatorTracker?

TranslatorTracker is web-based application that helps translators keep track of their invoices, and quickly and easily generate reports to do taxes and to keep track of their business and cash-flow.

How does it work?

Every month, you enter the information for the bills you send out (literally takes just a minute or two).

When you receive a payment, just mark the bill as paid (this also takes just a few seconds).

TranslatorTracker does the rest, putting that information to use by generating the reports you need in seconds.

How does it help translators?

- Gets you paid faster. TranslatorTracker makes it really simple to log payments and keep track of unpaid invoices. As soon as a payment is late, you can start shaking the tree, before time passes and things get more complicated.

- Do your taxes faster. TranslatorTracker can generate all of the figures that you need for quarterly VAT and annual income tax and VAT filings instantly. Just plug in the numbers and you're good to go.

- Develop your business. These are complicated times for translators, so you're going to need to do more to survive and thrive. Knowing how much you are billing, who is giving you the most work, who has dropped off the map, and being able to identify the strong and weak periods during the year are all important to help decide on a strategy to improve your business.

So what are you waiting for?

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Your bills...and your business at your fingertips